Red River IWW General Membership Branch


About Us

The Red River IWW GMB works towards building worker power throughout the Red River Valley and surrounding areas of North Dakota / Minnesota. By informing workers of their rights under law, educating them on how they can best exercise their rights and powers as members of the working class and providing support for unionization campaigns & strikes we hope to strengthen the working class so that we might see the value and product of our collective labor become entirely our own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are a General Membership Branch (GMB) covering the Red River Valley geographical area organizing as a part of the International Workers of the World. Our membership is comprised of workers from around the area in various industries and we are dedicated to help build collective power in the workplace and beyond.

What is a Union?

A union is when two or more workers act together to improve their lives at work and change the balance of power in their job or industry. This doesn’t necessarily need to meet the standards of what the NLRB defines a union as in regards to U.S. labor laws. We believe that you don’t need to be a legally recognized union to wield collective power, and you don’t necessarily need to get everybody on board either. Minority unions work – ask the folks over at the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU)

Aren’t you folks a bunch of commies / leftists / anarchists / etc?

The Industrial Workers of the World is not a politically aligned organization. You do not need to be affiliated with any given political ideology, nor will you be prohibited from organizing in good faith if you are in line with the rest of the policies outlined in the constitution. For more info, read the IWW constitution here (

The only requirement to participate is a desire to work within a democratic framework to build collective power for the working class.

I know someone who was in a union and they had an awful experience. Why do we need to keep trying this?

We know it’s not impossible to have bad experiences within union workplaces. Many of these experiences are valid and pose valuable critique on the way unions operate in our current economic framework. The IWW approach to organizing unions & collective power seeks to bring more democratic and equitable methods of operation to the table with the hope of avoiding many of the pitfalls of current shop-based or industry-based unions – the end goal being one big union for all workers across all industries, with decisions made by those who would be affected by the outcomes.

Further Questions

If we haven’t answered your question, feel free to send us an email at or peruse this old FAQ (